A Distant Plain

A Distant Plain

Designer: Volko Ruhnke, Brian Train

Artist: Xavier Carrascosa, Rodger B. MacGowan, Chechu Nieto

Publisher: GMT Games

Players: 1-4

Play Time: 3-5 hours

Age: 12+

Afghanistan—scene of tribal, ethnic, colonial, and Cold War conflict across the ages. Into this cockpit dropped a multinational post-9/11 coalition to root out al-Qaeda and replace the hardline-Islamist Taliban regime that harbored it. A quick invasion and regime change portended quiet reconstruction and good governance, but it was not to be so. In their sanctuary across Pakistan’s border, the Taliban rebuilt for an insurgency that would ensnare the Coalition in the tangle of Afghan rivalries, shifting allegiances, and warlordism that the West could at first only distantly grasp.

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