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Podcast 155 - Root

Quick, what has adorable forest creatures locked into an epic struggle for control of the woods? No, it's not Watership Down, it's Root! The latest from Leder Games, Root pits 2-4 players (or 1-6, with the expansion) against each other in a race for 30 victory points. The trick here is that each faction has a wildly different approach. Playing the Eyrie Dynasties? Better balance your bloated bureacracy lest you fall into turmoil. What about the Woodland Alliance? You'll have to be sneay and opportunistic to make the most of your few warriors. It's a truly interesting game with some impressive balancing of the playable factions. Listen to the latest episode for our full review!

Podcast 154 - Board Game Glossary – “Amerithrash”

We're continuing our board game glossary here on Dragon's Demize. For this week's installment, we're looking at the term "Amerithrash." It's a less common term than "Euro," which we discussed a few weeks ago, but it's still used to convey some very particular concepts. Greg and Jakub try to break it down into its components and take a look at what really makes an Amerithrash game. Spoilers: it's not just about player conflict! Check out the episode for our full analysis.

Podcast 153 - Massive Darkness

Howdy listeners! It seems like April is the month for us to review all the games we've been playing on stream! This time, we're reviewing the CMON-published dungeon crawler Massive Darkness. Players choose a character but also a class and fight their way through hordes of enemies. There are some really solid mechanics here that make Massive Darkness stand out from other dungeon crawlers, including extensive character customization, what-you-see-is-what-you-get loot on enemies, and of course some truly epic minis. Check out the episode for our full thoughts on the game.