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Podcast 171 - Treasure Mountain

Treasure Mountain
This week, we give Treasure Mountain by August Games its long overdue review! Treasure Mountain is a worker placement game for 2-4 players (1-4 if you have the expansion), where players compete to earn the most points by mining gems our their personal mines and earning the King's favor. The most unique element is that each dwarven worker has a number, representening the length of their beard. Dwarves with longer beards can bump those with shorter beards, who are then re-placed and can bump other workers. Check out the full review for our impression of this mechanic and how it influences the game!

Podcast 170 - Ruins of Mars – Interview with Don Riddle and Andrew Birkett

Ruins of Mars – Interview with Don Riddle and Andrew Birkett
This week Jakub sits down with Don Riddle and Andrew Birkett to talk about their game Ruins of Mars coming to Kickstarter on September 24, 2019. The game is about uncovering the secrets of the lost civilizations which inhabited a metropolis found on Mars! You dothis through rondell style action selection with a cool twist where the power and availability of the actions changes each turn! We talk about how that mechanic came to be, Don's game design philosophy, Atheris entertainments publishing goals, and of course donuts. Which is better, a boston creme donut or a chocolate eclair? Join us to find out!

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Podcast 169 - Interview with Marshall Bradshaw

Interview with Marshall Bradshaw
This week Jakub sits down with Marshall Bradshaw to talk about his gamer story, how he got into LARPing, what exactly it means to LARP, and why he loves it. Marshall talks a lot about what LARP means to him and some of his best experiences with it so join us for the ride. We also talk about what we've been playing including: Fiasco, Velvet Noir, and Masks!