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Podcast 152 - Board Game Glossary – “Euros”

Hello listeners! We've talked before on this podcast (and at past WashingCons) about how difficult it can be to truly define some of the terms we commonly use to describe board games. With that in mind, we have decided to tackle some of the most popular categories of games, and really try to break them down into their component parts. First in this series is the term "Euro." What does it mean, what does it not? These are the questions that we try to answer on today's episode of Dragon's Demize.

Podcast 151 - SeaFall

Hello listeners! After months of playing SeaFall on stream, it's finally time for us to give it a proper review! SeaFall is a seafaring legacy game for 2-5 players. Players take on the role of province leaders who must earn Glory through trade, combat, or exploration. As with most legacy games, there are twists and turns and ups and downs, and we're excited to finally share our thoughts. We do give spoilers warnings when appropriate, so if it's safe to listen whether you've played or not!

Podcast 150 - Dragon Castle

The ancient castle has lost the favor of the dragons, and now it is our chance to earn that favor for ourselves. That's the premise of Dragon Castle, this week's review. Players take turns removing tiles from the center castle and placing them into their own castles. By placing tiles from similar factions or sets strategically, players can maximize the points they get for "consolidating" them, or flipping them over. Once they've been flipped, you can build more layers or place shrines for even more points. The most skillful players will also take advantage of the random Spirit and Dragon cards to boost their strategies. Check out our full thoughts in this week's episode.