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Podcast 130 - RPGs on Kickstarter

Ah Kickstarter. That wonderful place where creativity knows no bounds. We love to talk about the amazing board games that have come out of Kickstarter, but those aren't the only projects out there. On this week's episode, we're highlighting crowdfunded tabletop RPGs. From reboots of old systems like 7th Sea and Scion to incredible new systems like Awaken and Phoenix Dawn Command, there's a ton of great things to explore and discuss. Check out the podcast and join the discussion. What's your favorite crowdfunded RPG?

Podcast 129 - Spirit Island!

YES IT'S TIME! Dragon's Demize is finally reviewing the much-discussed Spirit Island. Spirit Island is a "cooperative settler-destruction" game for 1-4 players. You take on the role of spirits who are trying to drive the invaders off their island. There's tons of replayability, as the spirits, adversaries, power cards, and even the island itself can change with every game. We also discuss the currently available Branch and Claw expansion, and briefly mention the upcoming Jagged Earth Expansion. We've got so much to say about this one, so we hope you enjoy it!

Podcast 128 - Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 vs. Season 2

IT'S BACK! Two games go head to head in this week's Meeple vs. Meeple podcast! This time, it's the titans of legacy: Pandemic Legacy Seasons One and Two. While each of these games has a lot to offer, our champions give no quarter. Greg and Lesley think that Season One's superior storytelling and relationships between characters make it the better season. Jakub stands alone in defending Season Two's innovative gameplay and intensity. Who will be the victor? Tune in to find out!