Recent podcasts

Podcast 139 - How To Win: Terraforming Mars

Hello listeners, and welcome to our newest segment! We've enlisted our local Strategy Guru, Will, to give you all a practical guide to How To Win. On the first installment, Will and Jakub discuss one of Will's all-time favorites: Terraforming Mars. If you've ever wondered which corp to choose or how to assess cards during the drafting phase, look no further! Will takes us deep into factors such as point efficiency, phased gameplay, and when to make a run on those lucrative Awards and Milestones. Tune in so you can have a leg up in your next game!

Podcast 138 - Whistle Stop

Welcome back to Dragon's Demize, everyone! For our first official review of 2019, we're tackling Whistle Stop. This tile-laying, pickup-and-deliver train game is full of colorful charm. Players compete to earn the most points by exchanging resource cubes for stocks and points. Along the way, they'll build their routes, purchase upgrades, and maybe even dig for gold! Whenever an individual locomotie is retired, that player earns a bonus, so make sure to get a many as you can to the finish line!

Podcast 137 - 2018 State of the Podcast

Happy New Year listeners! Well not quite. But that isn't going to dost us from celebrating by taking a look back at all of the amazing things that happened for Dragon's Demize's in 2018. Join Greg and Lesley as they talk about the past and look to the future. We're so excited to share 2019 with you all!