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Podcast 122 - Warsaw: City of Ruins

Welcome back listeners! We're back to the reviews this week, with a look at Warsaw: City of Ruins. In Warsaw, 2-4 players attempt to build the highest scoring district within the titular city. Along the way, they'll construct theaters and parks, compete for public buildings, and weather two World Wars. While drafting and tile-placement are the core mechanics, some of the supporting mechanics like tile destruction and overbuilding really make the game shine. Check out the full review to really understand what I mean!

Podcast 121.4 - Trading Zombies in the Mediterranean – WashingCon 2018 Panel

Don't worry, you're not having a stroke. We're just examining some of the most popular (and arguably overdone) themes in board games. Our intrepid panelists look at what's popular and discuss opportunities to explore less common themes. They also talk about how theme can amplify the mechanics of a board game and tie everything together, when chosen carefully.

Podcast 121.3 - The Gaming Glossary – WashingCon 2018 Panel

Worker Placement. Euro game. "Heavy" vs. "Light." If you've played a board game in the past five years, there's a good chance you've heard these and other terms used to describe and categorize games. But what do these terms actually mean? Join our panelists as they discuss where these terms came from, how and why they can be useful, and the ways in which they are limited.