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Podcast 173 - Interview with Christopher Yoder Designer of Tangl

Interview with Christopher Yoder Designer of Tangl
This week we sat down with Christopher Yoder, the designer of Tangl, a really cool and quick puzzle game live on Kickstarter now! We got to talk about how he got into board games, how the idea of Tangl came about, and the whirlwind process going from prototype to getting signed by a publisher. 

Check out Tangl on Kickstarter Here

It's being published by Fisher Heaton Games as part of their Analog Apps line of games.

Podcast 172 - Vector Wars – Interview with Eli Mamane

Vector Wars – Interview with Eli Mamane
This week Jakub sits down with Eli Mamane of Meeple City Games and designer of Vector Wars. They talk about this 2 player game which includes a lot of deep strategic choices underneath a really cool Tron-like exterior with some simple choices each turn. The layers that this game shows are quite deep and interesting. One of my favorite parts is the fact that there are 4 factions in the box,a nd each plays ver differently giving you many different strategies for victory! 

You can check out the Kickstarter live now right here:

The game is on BGG here:

Podcast 171 - Treasure Mountain

Treasure Mountain
This week, we give Treasure Mountain by August Games its long overdue review! Treasure Mountain is a worker placement game for 2-4 players (1-4 if you have the expansion), where players compete to earn the most points by mining gems our their personal mines and earning the King's favor. The most unique element is that each dwarven worker has a number, representening the length of their beard. Dwarves with longer beards can bump those with shorter beards, who are then re-placed and can bump other workers. Check out the full review for our impression of this mechanic and how it influences the game!