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Podcast 127 - Worldbuilding: It’s the Little Things

It's another exciting RPG episode here on Dragon's Demize. We've talked before about how much we love worldbuilding. Constructing massive cosmologies and dynastic politics can keep us entertained for hours. But what about the smaller stuff? What do the NPCs do when the players aren't around? Who writes the music that the bard plays down at the local pub? On today's episode, we're talking about all the little details that can really bring an RPG setting to life.

Podcast 126 - In The Name Of Odin

Welcome back to Dragon's Demize, listeners! On today's episode, we're reviewing one of Jakub's long-time favorites: In The Name Of Odin. In this card-based game of Viking conquest, players have to manage their ships, heroes, and vikings in order to conduct succesful raids. Each action card has multiple uses, so carefully balancing your available resources is an important part of a winning strategy. Check out the review for our full thoughts!

Podcast 125 - Dungeon Crawlers – Good, Bad, and Ugly

Hello listeners! We're excited to bring you a new style of episode today. We had a lot of fun breaking down what was good or not in co-op games, so we decided to expand on that format! On the first ever Good, Bad, and Ugly, we tackle Dungeon Crawlers. Games like Zombicide, Gloomhaven, and others where you control individual characters moving around a map are frequently refered to as "dungeon crawlers." But what about these games do people find compelling? What makes them frustrating? Join us and find out on today's episode!