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Podcast 118 - Path of Light and Shadow

Hello listeners! It's Greg and Lesley on the podcast today, bringing you a review of Path of Light and Shadow. A deck-building meets territory control game for 2-4 players. Each turn, you can use your hand of followers to build, promote, and conquer. By putting together a winning strategy, you can earn the most influence and reclaim the throne that is your birthright!

Podcast 117 - High Level Campaigns

Hello listeners! On this week's episode, Jakub and Greg tackle another RPG topic: high level campaigns. We had the pleasure of running one for Jakub's recent birthday shindig, and it really got us thinking about some of the unique opportunities and challenges presented by late-game RPGs. Whether it's designing an encounter or making full use of your spectacular class features, we break down what makes high level D&D so awesome.

Podcast 116 - Space Base

Welcome back to another episode of Dragon's Demize! This week we're reviewing Space Base, a tableau-building game for 2-5 players. Each player has an array of ships, numbered 1-12. On each turn, they roll two dice and activate ships according to the values rolled, either individually or combined. They earn income to buy more and more powerful ships, and eventually the first player past 40 points wins. It's a solid, well-designed game, and we hope you check out the full review.