Jakub P., Greg B.

Welcome back, listeners, to another exciting episode of Dragon’s Demize. This week, we review A Distant Plain, a complex strategic wargame based on the War in Afghanistan. As you might expect from such a fraught topic, the game features lots of asymmetry in its design and your allies one turn may be your rivals the next. That said, it’s excellently designed and rewards careful execution of strategies. Check out the full review for more details.

We also talk about what we’ve been playing lately. This week, that includes Tiny Epic Galaxies, Between Two Cities, and, of course, Zombiecide Black Plague.

As always, thank you to Agata Poniatowski for the Artwork and Strangelette for the music.  If you enjoyed the podcast, be sure to check us out on Facebook and Google+. We’re also branching out into video content, which you can find on our Youtube channel. Finally, Washingcon tickets are on sale now! It’s going to be an amazing time, so head on over to the website and grab yours today.

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