Greg B., Jakub P., Lesley P.

Howdy listeners! If you’re anything like us, you just spent the past 48 hours hanging out with some awesome board gamers at WashingCon 2018! As always, we had a blast and we’re super excited to bring you a rundown from the convention. There were classic events like Two Rooms and a Boom, exciting new activities like Tiny Dungeon, and plenty of board gaming, though not as much as we might have liked. We also had a chance to sit down for more Jenga interviews, so be on the lookout for those later this week!

Huge shoutout to all of the amazing volunteers who make WashingCon happen. It literally is all because of you all. Big shoutout as well to the awesome game designers who we met, including Victoria and Alex, designers of Gladius, and Omari Akil from Board Game Brothas. They’ve got some incredible games that you won’t want to miss.

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