Jakub P., Greg B., AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps

We’ve got another fantastic interview on this week’s Dragon’s Demize. If you’ve been watching carefully, you may already know who it is! AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps is a board game reviewer, player, and jack-of-all-trades. She joins us to talk about her experiences in the industry, from her unexpected start to creating a more diverse and inclusive community. She also shares her passion for gaming and for a certain Italian pastry.

After the episode, you can find more of AnnaMaria’s content at Girls’ Game Shelf, where she is the Editor in Chief. At their website you can find how to play videos, interviews with female game designers, and a whole series of handy guides on gaming topics like organizing your shelves and gift giving. Check them out today, and show them some love on Youtube as well!

Before the interview, we talk about the games we’ve been playing lately. AnnaMaria introduces us to the mysterious and devious Wish You Were Here, and also gives us an idea of what to expect from Charterstone. We also comment on our latest Gloomhaven shenanigans.

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