Jakub P., Will L.

Hello listeners, and welcome to our newest segment! We’ve enlisted our local Strategy Guru, Will, to give you all a practical guide to How To Win. On the first installment, Will and Jakub discuss one of Will’s all-time favorites: Terraforming Mars. If you’ve ever wondered which corp to choose or how to assess cards during the drafting phase, look no further! Will takes us deep into factors such as point efficiency, phased gameplay, and when to make a run on those lucrative Awards and Milestones. Tune in so you can have a leg up in your next game! You can also find our full review of Terraforming Mars here.

If you enjoy hearing tips on How To Win, please let us know and we’ll be sure to bring Will back for more strategic goodness. Don’t forget to suggest games we could tackle!

The boys also talk about what they’ve been playing lately. Evolution: Climate and Tofu Kingdom are returning favorites, but there are a few new games today as well. Just One is a cooperative party game where players try to provide clues about a word. And Trellis is a gorgeous tile-laying game where players race to place their flowers in a garden.

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