Jakub P., Greg B.

Welcome back to Dragon’s Demize! On this week’s episode, we’re jumping back into a familiar franchise with a review of Evolution Climate. Evolution Climate builds on the mechanics of the original Evolution, but introduces a few important new elements. The climate track and associate climate cards help to balance the game and force all players to adapt not just to each other, but to the constantly-shifting environment. It’s a great spin on an already good game. Check out the episode for our full thoughts. You can also listen to our review of Evolution and Evolution Flight here.

We also open this episode with some great Tales from the Tabletop. Thieves, time-displaced Nazis, and a confused Fey all make appearances. Don’t miss it!

Thank you to Agata Poniatowski for the Artwork and Strangelette for the music. For more information about Dragon’s Demize, or to let us know your ideas, check us out on FacebookDiscord, and Google+. We’re also on Twitter and Instagram if that’s more your speed. Finally, you can find all of our streams, vlogs, and other video content over on our Youtube channel or catch us live every Wednesday on Twitch.

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