Hello and welcome back to Dragon’s Demize! Today, we’ll be reviewing The Castles of Mad King Ludwig. In Castles (as I’ll be referring to it for the rest of this post, because damn), players take on the role of architects, designing castles for King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Each round, players purchase rooms from the supply and add them to their castles. Each room has a variety of characteristics and bonuses which synergize with other types of rooms to score points. Points are also scored for earning “King’s Favors,” randomly selected bonuses that correspond to different castle features.

As always, there’s also plenty of fun talk about what we’ve been playing lately. Highlights include Five Tribes and Sherwood’s Legacy, a new game that describes itself as a tower defense board game!

Special thank you to Agata Poniatowski for the Artwork and Strangelette for the music.  If you enjoyed the podcast, be sure to check us out on Facebook and Google+. Finally, Washingcon tickets are on sale now! Head on over to the website and grab yours today.

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