Love Battle! High School

Love Battle! High School

Designer: Brett Finnell

Publisher: Japanime Games

Players: 2-4

Play Time: 40-60 minutes

Age: 13+

Hiroshi is a normally laid back, average (and a little awkward) guy just trying to get through his last year of High School. He has recently found himself in a bit of a predicament: he has suddenly noticed that five girls in his class can’t seem to resist him. He’s really not sure if he should give into his perverted young longings, or do his best to fight them off and concentrate on his homework. And even if he were to give in, who would he pick? They are all so desirable in their own way.

Players control the important choices and playful antics of both Hiroshi and the girls in this romp through the halls of romance. Can you decide the One True Match?







Dragon's Demize Interviews Brett Finnell

Dragon's Demize Interviews Brett Finnell