Jakub P., Greg B., Lesley P., Camilla G.

We’re back with another interview! This time we have our friend Camilla Greer on to talk about the upcoming horror RPG zine The Demon Collective, Vol. 1. She and three other authors have each created spine-tingling adventures for the zine, which is currently funding on Kickstarter. Available in PDF or printed format, The Demon Collective, Vol. 1 will feature amazing black and white illustrations by Lauren Bryce and is designed to be accessible to GMs no matter what system you’re running. They soared past their goal, but you still have a chance to pledge until March 2. If you like what you hear on the podcast, be sure to check it out here!

We’ve got some delightfully unconventional games on What We’ve Been Playing this time, including The GLOG (Goblin Laws of Gaming), a tabletop RPG system designed to be fast and flexible. We’ve also got the adorable and asymmetrical Root, the new unique deck game Keyforge, and Rise of Moloch, a steampunky one-versus-many that features some of the 19th century’s best and brightest.

We want to give a big “thank you” to Nerd Dad with Running Shoes for featuring us on Instagram as one of his favorite podcasts. Check out his podcast for some well-rounded nerdery, fitness talk, and only the occasional dad joke.

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