Jakub P., Greg B.

Ah Kickstarter. That wonderful place where creativity knows no bounds. We love to talk about the amazing board games that have come out of Kickstarter, but those aren’t the only projects out there. On this week’s episode, we’re highlighting crowdfunded tabletop RPGs. From reboots of old systems like 7th Sea and Scion to incredible new systems like Awaken and Phoenix Dawn Command, there’s a ton of great things to explore and discuss. Check out the podcast and join the discussion. What’s your favorite crowdfunded RPG?

*During this episode, we mistakenly refer to the shapeshifting, slice-of-life RPG “Turn” as “Line.” We apologize to Brie Sheldon and the rest of the Turn team.

We also talk about What We’ve Been Playing, including recaps from our recent Gloomhaven stream, Greg’s first game of Whistle Stop, and a rousing game of X-Wing.

Thank you as always to O Abnormal and Agata Poniatowski for the artwork and Strangelette for the music. If you enjoyed this episode and would like to hear more from Dragon’s Demize, you can find us on FacebookDiscordTwitter, and Instagram. Finally, you can find all of our streams, vlogs, and other video content on Youtube or catch us live every Wednesday on Twitch.

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