Jakub P., Marshall Bradshaw

This week Jakub sits down with Marshall Bradshaw to talk about his gamer story, how he got into LARPing, what exactly it means to LARP, and why he loves it. Marshall talks a lot about what LARP means to him and some of his best experiences with it so join us for the ride. We also talk about what we’ve been playing including: Fiasco, Velvet Noir, and Masks!

Some useful links from our discussions:

No Proscenium: https://noproscenium.com/

Golden Cobra Challenge: http://www.goldencobra.org/

Sign: https://thornygames.com/pages/sign

The Harvest Festival Game by Marshall Bradshaw: http://www.goldencobra.org/pdf/2018/Bradshaw%20–%20The%20Harvest%20Festival.pdf

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