Hello everyone, and welcome to another exciting episode of Dragon’s Demize. This week, we review City of Iron Second Edition. In City of Iron, players compete to build the most successful empires through exploration, conquest, or industry. The game features an incredible variety of strategies, both in terms of how you acquire the resources you need to win and what paths you choose when upgrading your empire. Listen in for the complete review!

But the review isn’t all that’s exciting this week. We are extremely happy to announce that we’ll be joined by a new voice on the podcast: Lesley! We met Lesley through the Washingcon planning committee, and you may recognize her as the moderator of 2017’s Women in Gaming panel. She’s agreed to join us for our reviews as often as we can, so we hope you all give her a warm welcome.

And finally, no episode would be complete without talk of what we’ve been playing lately. From tabletop RPGs to the melancholy humor of Gloom to exploring the world in Amerigo, we’ve got a lot to cover this week.

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