Jakub P., Greg B., William L.

Hello listeners! Are you ready for some head-to-head action? Today on Dragon’s Demize, we’re debuting a new format: Meeple vs. Meeple. We take two games that are similar in theme, mechanics, or overall feel and debate their merits for an impartial judge. We’re kicking off the format with a battle between Century: Spice Road and Splendor. Both relatively quick and easy games about medieval trading, we have compared these to one another multiple times in the past. Will Century’s nuanced hand-building trump Splendor’s simplicity and scaling? Tune in and and listen to the sparks fly!

Thank you as always to O Abnormal and Agata Poniatowski for the artwork and Strangelette for the music. If you enjoyed this episode and would like to hear more from Dragon’s Demize, you can find us on Facebook, Google+, and Discord. We’re also on Twitter and Instagram if that’s more your speed. Finally, you can find all of our streams, vlogs, and other video content on Youtube or catch us live every Wednesday on Twitch.

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