Hello listeners, and welcome back to another explosive episode of Dragon’s Demize! We’re reviewing Alchemists today, so grab your ingredients and we’ll see what kind of concoction we can brew. Alchemists is an action management game in which players compete to earn the most victory points by making and selling potions, acquiring powerful artifacts, and, most importantly, publishing theories about the alchemical properties of the game’s eight ingredients. Using an ingenious app, the game ensures that no two games are the same.

In addition, we get another great update from Jakub’s ongoing D&D game and talk about inter-party conflict. It was a great episode to record, and we hope you enjoy it!

Thank you as always to Agata Poniatowski for the Artwork and Strangelette for the music.  Be sure to head on over to our Facebook and Google+ pages to check out our newest weekly feature: What’s Fresh Wednesdays! Our Century in Review video is also on its way, so keep an eye on our YouTube channel here.

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