Podcast 28 – Above and Below


This week on Dragon’s Demize, Greg and Jakub bring you the best of what they’ve been playing this week, Greg learns a new word, and they review the storytelling, worker placement sensation Above and Below.

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode, and don’t forget to register for Washingcon, DC’s own tabletop gaming convention is happening on September 10-11th 2016. With appearances from some of the industry’s best and brightest, tournaments, demos, and coverage from yours truly, it’s sure to be a great weekend. More information at www.washingcon.com.

As always thank you to Agata Poniatowski for the artwork and Strangelette for the music.

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Intro and What We’ve been playing:  (00:00)
What’s New: (08:31)
Above and Below Review: (14:18)
Ending and Announcements: (28:51)





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Book of Lairs Map Pack (PDF)

Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery


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