Podcast 27 – Brew Crafters and Dragon’s Demize 2.0!

This week, Dragon’s Demize welcomes a new co-host: Greg B! Join us as we discuss Dragon’s Demize 2.0, what’s new on Kickstarter, and one of Greg’s personal favorite games: Brew Crafters.

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode, and don’t forget to register for Washingcon, DC’s own tabletop gaming convention is happening on September 10-11th 2016. With appearances from some of the industry’s best and brightest, tournaments, demos, and coverage from yours truly, it’s sure to be a great weekend. More information at www.washingcon.com.

As always thank you to Agata Poniatowski for the artwork and Strangelette for the music.

Intro and What We’ve been playing:  (00:00)
What’s New: (08:30)
Brew Crafters Review: (14:27)
Ending and Announcements: (28:39)













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