Dragon’s Demize Podcast Episode 2 – Takenoko


Thank you for joining us for the second episode of the Dragon’s Demize Podcast! In this episode we will be updating you on how our campaigns are going; Jakub will be introducing a new campaign he will be starting soon; we will discuss character creation in some detail in GMing 101; we will review one of our favorite games, Takenoko; discuss player agency in video games and d&d; and talk a little about the games we have been playing recently.

We hope you enjoy our podcast. Let us know what you think, we are on Twitter @DragonsDemize, find us on facebook under Dragon’s Demize, we are on Google+ as Dragon’s Demize and you can always e-mail us at DragonsDemize@Gmail.com.

Osu: https://youtu.be/01OzI1_U90c

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