Dragon’s Demize Podcast Episode 8 – GMing Inspiration


We apologize to all of our listeners for putting this up so late. A lot of things came up and we weren’t able to upload it on time. That being said, this week’s episode is all about D&D and some of our best inspiration for the game. Jakub will be talking about what has been going on in his group and how the story is progressing then Christian and Jakub will discuss where they get inspiration for their campaigns and give a few of their best ideas to use as characters, places, or situations in D&D. We finish up talking about some other resources for GM’s to use for their games.

Thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Agata Poniatowski for the logo and business cards. Thanks to Strangelette for the music and sound effects.

Join us later this week for episode 9 when Dean from Gentleman Dog Portrait joins me again to talk about board games!



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