Dragon’s Demize Podcast Episode 5 – First Campaign Advice

This week on the Dragon’s Demize we are changing our format from a bi-weekly to a weekly format. Every We will be alternating between board game reviews and Dungeons and Dragons discussions on a bi-weekly basis so that we can spend more time going in depth into our reviews and our GMing tips. This week will be the first exclusively D&D focused podcast and we will be discussing how our stories have been developing, including some flashbacks to stories past. We have finally decided on a good name for this section, from now on it will be called “To Be Continued…” Then we will go into GMing 101 where we will discuss what to expect when you first sit down at the table to run your story. Finally we discuss our plans for the website how it can help you become a better GM. We will be creating Pages that compile different tips from all over the internet and we will be continuing to keep our pages up to date with the latest tips and best GMing resources that we can find.

We hope that you enjoy this weeks podcast and our new format. Here are the time stamps of the different sections of this weeks podcast:

To Be Continued: 00:48.

GMing 101:            29:20.

DMing Tools:        49:33.

Thank you for tuning in and we will see you next week!

As always a huge thank you to Agata Poniatowski for the Logo and Strangelette for the intro music and outro sound effects!



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