Podcast 65 – T.I.M.E. Stories

Welcome back listeners! This week we have another exciting episode of Dragon’s Demize for you! We review T.I.M.E. Stories, a fully cooperative, mystery solving board game. Each game takes place in a different setting, ranging from contemporary America to ancient Egypt to an alternate fantasy timeline. In each scenario, players must work together to track down clues and overcome obstacles. In many ways, T.I.M.E. Stories plays like a board game version of the classic point-and-click adventure games. Check out the full review for more details!

As always, we also talk about what we’ve been playing including Scythe, Mystic Vale, and D&D!

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Podcast 50 – Wizard School

Put on your wizard robes and hats, listeners, it’s time to go to Wizard School! This week, Dragon’s Demize reviews Wizard School, the new game from DFTBA games. In this cooperative card game, players take on the role of students attempting to keep their grades up, fight off magical monsters, and survive long enough to graduate. Each player has their own specialties, and uses cards like Spells, Items, and Magical Friends to fend off everything school throws at them, be it monsters or tests. It’s a fun game and amazingly humorous, so be sure to listen as we break it down.

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Podcast 43 – Family Games Special

Welcome back to Dragon’s Demize, where we continue our month of specials with a look at what games you can play with your families at home. We’ve got some great recommendations this week, covering everything from social, party-style games to some of the more beginner-friendly strategic games. We hope you’re encouraged to pick up one of these games and bring your parents, grandparents, and siblings to the table!

Thanks as Always to Agata Poniatowski for the Graphic Design and Strangelette for the Music.

Podcast 42 – Small Games Special 2016

This week on Dragon’s Demize we have our Small Games Special! Greg and Jakub discuss what are some of the defining characteristics of small games, including the obvious ones before diving into the full range of small games available. We hope you enjoy this week’s special episode!

Thanks as always to Agata Poniatowski for the Logo and Strangelette for the music.

Podcast 34 – Scythe

This week on Dragon’s Demize, Greg and Jakub venture into an alternate 20th century where World War 1 was fought with Mechs as well as soldiers. The war now over, the world of Scythe unfolds as the powers of the time vie for control over the Tesla factory which created the towering war machines. Tune in to see what they think of the game and the other things they’ve been playing.

Thanks as always to Agata Poniatowski for the Artwork and Strangelette for the music.

Podcast 33 – The Dragon and Flagon

This week on Dragon’s Demize Greg and Jakub give a toast to their review of The Dragon and Flagon by Stonghold Games. Join them as they talk about some of the games they’ve been playing, and Jakub’s latest D&D adventures before they delve into the main game. Also check out these kickstarters ending this week in lieu of the regular what’s new.

Thanks as always to Agata Poniatowski for the artwork and Strangelette for the music



WashingCon – Dave Chalker and Thief’s Market

At WashingCon this year we had the chance to sit down with Dave Chalker to talk about his newest game, Thief’s Market. It was a lot of fun so we hope you enjoy our conversation and tune in later this month for our video first look at Thief’s Market.

Thanks as always to Agata Poniatowski for the art and Strangelette for the music and effects.

Dragon’s Demize interviews Rob Daviau at WashingCon

At WashingCon this month, Greg and I had the chance to interview Rob Daviau and talk about his games, the process behind them, his views on gaming as a designer and even some tips for aspiring game designers. It was great to talk to him and get a behind the scenes peek into how he approaches game design. Rob had some great insights about the process of designing games and how adding a narrative or a campaign to games created different game elements. We also got to hear a bit about a game he has in the works with Iello games, scheduled to come out around Gen Con of next year.

We hope that you will enjoy listening to the interview as much as we enjoyed talking to Rob!

As always, thanks to Agata Poniatowski for the art and design and Strangelette for the music.


Podcast 30 – WashingCon

On this weeks special episode Greg and Jakub look back on WashingCon 2. We share some of our favorite games, discussions, and panels from the convention and give you a sneak peek at what’s to come from our coverage of WashingCon. We hope you enjoy and continue following us for even more from WashingCon!

Thanks as always to Agata Poniatowski for the artwork and design and Strangelette for the music.



Podcast 29 – Evolution and Evolution Flight

This week on Dragon’s Demize, Greg and Jakub discuss what they’ve been playing this week, discuss gaming groups, and review the game that’s lets you build your own creatures and ecosystems, Evolution and its Flight Expansion.

We hope that you enjoy this week’s episode, and don’t forget to register for WashingCon, DC’s own tabletop gaming convention which is happening this weekend, September 10-11th, 2016. You will get the chance to play games with some of the best designers in the industry, there are tournaments, demo’s RPG’s and more. We will be covering the events and it’s sure to be a great weekend! More information at: http://www.washingcon.com/

As always, thank you to Agata Poniatowski for the Artwork and Strangelette for the Music.

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