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Podcast 112 - Long-Overdue Introductions

Hello listeners, and welcome back to Dragon's Demize. We've talked a lot about the podcast and what we do here, but there's one thing that we haven't talked as much about: ourselves! On today's episode, Greg, Jakub, and Lesley sit down to answer some questions about who they are as people, as gamers, and as co-hosts of the podcasts. Thankfully none of these backstories are tragic, but they are interesting. Check out the podcast to get all the insights!

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Podcast 111 - Xia: Legends of a Drift System

Hello listeners! Dragon's Demize is back to our old habits with a good old-fashioned review. This time, we're reviewing Xia: Legends of a Drift System, and its expansion Embers of a Forsaken Star. Both games really live up to their space opera-inspired names. Xia is best described as a 3x game: Explore, Exploit, Exterminate. Players pilot their ships across the galaxy, filling in the blank edges and finding new planets to investigate. Gameplay is totally open ended. You can fight for dominance or establish yourself through trade. You can run missions to help the locals or just go it alone. Combine that with an elaborate advancement system and plenty of titles to claim, and you've got a truly massive space-faring experience.

Podcast 110 - Origins 2018 Recap – The Games

Hello listeners! THank you for joining us as we continue to recap the amazing time we had at Origins 2018. Last time, we focused on all the cool things we did and people we met, but this time it's all about the games. Games we demoed, games we bought, games we played and wish we had bought. The whole shebang. Don't miss it!