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Podcast 108 - Century: Spice Road vs. Splendor

Hello listeners! Are you ready for some head-to-head action? Today on Dragon's Demize, we're debuting a new format: Meeple vs. Meeple. We take two games that are similar in theme, mechanics, or overall feel and debate their merits for an impartial judge. We're kicking off the format with a battle between Century: Spice Road and Splendor. Both relatively quick and easy games about medieval trading, we have compared these to one another multiple times in the past. Will Century's nuanced hand-building trump Splendor's simplicity and scaling? Tune in and and listen to the sparks fly!

Podcast 107 - Azul

Hello listeners! We’re reviewing an absolutely gorgeous game today: Azul! Azul has been getting a lot of attention, not just for its high-quality components and lovely patterns, but also for its solid gameplay. Players attempt to earn the most points by tiling their mosaic walls efficiently and effectively. The game requires some interested strategic considerations that we talk about in detail in our review. Don’t miss it!

Podcast 106 - RPG Editions

Hello listeners! Today on Dragon’s Demize, Greg and Jakub discuss RPG editions; how they change the game, how they can be good, and how sometimes they can be confusing for players. The discussion was prompted by the open “beta” for Pathfinder 2.0, but there are plenty of examples to go around. It’s a far-ranging discussion, and as always we’d love to hear your ideas in the comments or on our Facebook page.